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Alopecia Awareness Month 2017 Round Up!

4th October 2017

This September we launched our 'Get Talking' Campaign for Alopecia Awareness Month.....and it's fair to say, we certainly got the conversation started! 

To kick things off Alopecia UK's managers, Amy and Jen, headed down to London for a 'Broadcast Day'. They took part in over 20 live and pre-recorded radio interviews (and one TV) with a combined reach of over 3 million listeners/viewers! 

To listen to Amy and Jen in one of their radio interviews, click below. 

And to see Jen in her interview with TV channel 'That's Lancashire', click below. 

Communications Manager, Amy, was VERY busy last month across Alopecia UK's social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - sharing LOTS of content for the 'Get Talking' campaign. 

A small selection of the content shared via social media can be found below: 

"The unpredictability surrounding alopecia areata is probably the biggest challenge. Its great that I can have hope that my hair will grow back, but having a head half full of hair, and half gone, leaves me wondering whether I should take action and shave off the remaining hair for ease, or make the most of what I have, as it could all go tomorrow. It's difficult to know what to do!" Anna

"How useful hair is! I hadn't thought about the practical side of having hair. When I had patches I didn't really notice but, now I've got AU, it's amazing how much of a difference it makes to regulating body temperature and keeping dust and sunlight out of your eyes. The constant runny nose is a whole other ball game!" - Dawn

"Having had Alopecia since I was 7 it's fair to say that sometimes it's been very hard indeed, but actually I wouldn't change a thing. Yes I had some tough times and met some horrible people but I realised the behaviour of others says more about them than it does about me and I became comfortable with myself. After all, I am still the same person with the same qualities. All of the experiences I have had, some good, some not so good, have made me the person I am today. Having Alopecia has made me stronger and more confident. I firmly believe I would not be as happy as I am today without having had Alopecia. " - Damian

There are LOADS more of our 'Get Talking' questions and answers. For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter, we've added them all into one photo album on Flickr. Even if you don't have a Flickr account, you can browse the album. Click here to view our Flickr album. 

In terms of the awareness raised on social media, on Facebook alone, we reached nearly half a million people during September! And our number of page 'likes' has increased to over 10,000! A BIG thank you to everyone who shared our content over the past few weeks - please continue to do this for us all year round! 

Our Big Weekend event took place from 22nd - 24th September - another great opportunity to 'Get Talking'.  It was a great success and was our biggest Big Weekend to date, with just over 300 people gathering in Birmingham to make the event happen. We're yet to receive the official photos from the weekend but we will share them with you as soon as we have them. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of our impromptu flashmob in Birmingham City Centre. 

Jen ended Alopecia Awareness Month with a Facebook Live video in the BBC News Studios! For the video Jen received a Henna Crown by talented Henna artist, Ash Kumar, whilst answering questions from viewers about alopecia. The video has, to date, received over 300,000 views. You can watch it again in full by clicking below: 

AND FINALLY, because we love revisiting some of our old work/happy memories, we've got a new edited (shortened) version of our 2013 Flashmob Video. For anyone who has seen this before, we hope you enjoy the 'flashmob flashback'! For those of you watching for the first time, enjoy! 

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All content is © Alopecia UK 2018

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