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work hairstyle problems

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Topic: work hairstyle problems
Posted By: chloeashford
Subject: work hairstyle problems
Date Posted: 10/April/2015 at 1:18am
I'm new to this but I searched and searched online for helpand advice regarding work hairstyles but couldn't find anything! It can't just be me who struggles!

I've had alopecia all my life but my last bad episode was a few years ago and I only worked in a bar so having my hair down.. well my wig.. wasn't an issue.

However im 20 and I now work at asda and my hair is starting to fall out again at the back of my neck and sides. You are meant to have your hair tied up for work at asda however to try hide my hair loss I have been putting it back in a grip with the front bits down to try hide it. This has led to several colleagues making comments about my hair being down slightly more than there's although I can't help it. I was just wondering whether anyone had experiencedanything similar within the workplace or had any ideas of what I could do. (I also work on health and beauty not any food departments.) And while I don't have a wig for the moment if I do end up wearing a wig I can not tie it up at all as it is too visible at the back! :(

Thanks in advance

Posted By: BeeJay
Date Posted: 11/April/2015 at 11:06am
Hi and welcome to the forum

I know its hard but I think you should speak with a supervisor or the like re your situation.  Obviously colleagues will comment because they can see you doing something not allowed, but if its been sorted as OK, even in the interim, by a supervisor then that should help all round.
Can you now wear a wide aliceband to cover the bare areas whilst putting your hair up in some way.
Not much help I'm afraid, cos I don't cover up.


Posted By: OlwinaG
Date Posted: 03/June/2015 at 12:02pm

There are many ways to cover up bald spots, if you haven’t tried already. Market is full of products like hair volumiser, hair thickening sprays and what not.  I would not influence you with any of this but I had personally used concealer occasionally to hide my bald spots during my initial days. Any bald-spot concealer that best matches your hair colour could be surprisingly effective. Then there are hair powders, dry shampoo that have colour in them. These are hair powders that are very, very fine. They give you the texture that goes right at the base. You can just lightly powder it right on top or they have the bottle with the old fashion perfume spray pump and you can lightly mist that on and just cover up that bald spot.

I am sorry I couldn’t be of much help, may be speaking with hairdresser and supervisor as BJ suggested would really make difference. Try it!!

Posted By: Bkhadley
Date Posted: 04/June/2015 at 12:03pm

Hi, I actually agree with Olwina here. Hair fibres concealer works well when it comes to hiding bald spots. Especially, if you need to cover a larger area, many women opt for hair fibres. Try any branded one like toppik, couvre, nanogen to start with. They do not stain or smear. Toppik is totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches. It stays securely in place, giving natural-looking thickness and fullness until the next time you shampoo. You may find them costly, but worth buying and saving your self confidence. Even realizing the fact that we are going to lose significant amount of hair, can make us feel panic. A trusty concealer by your side is more than willing to bring a bit of confidence to your day.

Posted By: hairtoday
Date Posted: 10/June/2015 at 1:50am
Back when I had a moderate amount of hair I used to use coloured dry shampoo as well, darker than my own hair and it gave the appearance of having more hair than I did have.

These days I wear a wig though and have wondered this exact thing myself.  I've gone for a short style as I work in healthcare and can't have loose long hair and have no idea how to style/arrange a wig.  Any tips from other users would be gratefully received by me too.

Posted By: oliviablond
Date Posted: 10/February/2016 at 9:13am
Hello, dear!
Maybe, this updo will be suitable?

or this one

More beautiful hairstyles on" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Tana49
Date Posted: 17/February/2016 at 12:38am
I wear a 24/7 wig which I sleep in etc and I wear it up all the time for work, just have it long enough for a pony tail then twist it at the base of your neck and clip up. Voilla!

Posted By: Mrs Mc
Date Posted: 17/February/2016 at 8:32pm
Which make of wig do you use?

Posted By: mhairtransplant
Date Posted: 04/October/2016 at 9:28am
yes dont use any chemical for hair use regular oil for this.

Posted By: Littlefoot
Date Posted: 15/January/2017 at 1:25pm
Hello , just seen your poste - it refers to a 24/7 wig - pl can you tell me what this is? First Am newly diagnosed with alopecia and exploring wig optiosn - sounds like a 24/7 might be very comfortable?

many thanks

Posted By: Bexiboo
Date Posted: 24/November/2017 at 7:57pm
Hi, Milano wigs do a wig called a ponytail wig which you can put in s ponytail and nobody will be able to tell its a wig! Some of the wefts at the back are sewn in backwards so it has the little baby hairs look realistic

Posted By: AHeb
Date Posted: 18/February/2018 at 9:57am
One of my sisters wears a human hair wig that is glued on, it stays in place 24/7 until she wants to remove it for cleaning. She even wears it in the shower, and uses argan oil or other human hair conditioning spray to keep it from drying (as the hair doesn't benefit from her own scalp sebum).

It is wonderfully realistic and made to measure, but more expensive than most ready to wear wigs and because she sleeps in it doesn't last as long (she wraps her head in a silk scarf for bed to try to preserve it as long as possible). I'm taking a different approach at the moment as I can't afford to spend as much, wearing synthetic wigs only on days when I feel like it.

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